Is Rolling Stone right about The Rolling Stones?

13 Aug

Thanks to this brilliant infographic from Paste Magazine, we can now see a breakdown of what makes a Rolling Stones song worthy of being named one of their 50 best.

But did the world’s most famous music and culture magazine get the list of their top 50 songs right? Does “Wild Horses,” one of the band’s most intimate moments in their 50-year career, deserve to be in slot #17? And is “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” really their best song. Really?

If I had it my way, I’d definitely move some around, and I might make “Gimme Shelter” the #1, and take a few other top ten tracks and toss them down a few notches (if not out of the running entirely.) Oh, and “Under My Thumb” would absolutely be in the first column.

Do you think Rolling Stone got it right? And if not, what changes would you make?



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