An inside look: My very first design project!

13 Dec

For my final in Elements of Design, I was required to design either a newspaper, a magazine or a website. I, of course, chose the hardest one – a magazine. I also chose this because my dreams are large and I’d love to work for a magazine and possibly start my own someday.

I was going to do more for it, but I ran out of time, so I did what was required of me. Four pages: a cover, two “sample” pages (aka non-feature pages that have stories on them) and a feature page.

She asked us to use stories from other authors and send her the links to the stories to cut down on time, but we were required to do some editing to show that we’re taking those things into consideration, and I’m assuming to also avoid plagiarism. Either way, I attributed each story to the proper person in my design. All headlines and wstories without a name are assumed to be written by me; I also used my Rilo Kiley story from earlier this year, as it was one of the requirements.

All photos of Christopher Owens were taken by Hedi Slimane, who is a fantastic photographer. Everything else was put together by me in Photoshop.


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