Upcoming: Record Store Day

14 Apr

Record Store Day 2011 has been set for this coming Saturday, April 16.

The “holiday”, which was started in 2007 by Chris Brown, was an idea conceived to breathe life into long-struggling independent music stores across the country.

Brown, along with founders Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner jump-started the concept to try an save independent music stores that have become hidden gems in a country that has been over-taken by retail chains such as Best Buy, Borders and Hastings. The idea became a reality in 2008 when the first official Record Store Day was jump-started by Metallica in San Francisco.

Now the holiday, which is celebrated on the third Saturday of every April, has come to be more like the Black Friday for music fans and has spread globally.

The best part of the day has become the ever-growing list of special releases that come out by the industry’s most celebrated bands. Many releases are rare or unreleased tracks, special editions of previous releases or limited edition deals. Additionally, many bands and stores have turned the day into an event with live music, giveaways and special deals for those who come out to support their local shops.

As an avid fan and supporter of the message and idea behind the day, I urge everyone to go to their local shop this coming Saturday. The list of releases is one of the best I’ve seen yet, and I will never turn down an opportunity to support shops that have done so much for the industry.

For more information on Record Store Day, where shops are located in your city, as well as special videos, merch and news, visit the official website. You can also follow Record Store Day on Twitter, as well as ‘Like’ them on Facebook for year-round information from the organization.

Tell everyone you know and take a friend, but most importantly, get out and buy a record or two from your favorite local shops. Whether you buy a used CD, a brand new vinyl or one of the many RSD-special releases, I can promise you that your ears and the shop will thank you.


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